HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

Session Details


Web Content Best Practices to Share with Clients

TNT6 Content Track

Caprice, 4th Floor


We often build websites for our clients only to see the sites begin to lose value as soon as they are launched. We do all we can to make sure the photos are lovely, the wording concise and scannable, and the content the best it can be. Yet we know that when we hand it over to the client for maintenance, everything -- especially the content -- will begin a process of degradation. This workshop will go over best practices in Web writing and content management (not content managementsystems), and how we as Web "experts" can educate our clients in order to reduce that degradation as much as possible. Examples of best practices will be shown, and a worksheets developed by AgencyND -- the Univ. of Notre Dame's in-house marketing agency -- will be given as handouts to participants for their use in spreading the information to their clients.


Kate Russell
Information Architect, AgencyND, Univ. of Notre Dame

Kate is an information architect with AgencyND, the University of Notre Dame's in-house marketing group. Her interests lie in help in creating usable and logical websites and in educating clients in how to maintain these sites over time, avoiding the "website creep" that all launched sites face.