HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

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Evolution of Form Design

TPR9 Technical: Propeller Hats Required Track

Salon H & I, 4th Floor


Our users have evolved: they no longer settle for a simple, one-way street of data entry. They want Web forms that interact and understand. Technology has also evolved: the increasing adoption of mobile devices introduces new challenges in form design, and the emergence of HTML5 provides new techniques for increasing usability. As users demand a better experience and technology becomes more sophisticated, evolution of form design requires these interactions to become creative, perceptive, and more human. This presentation will discuss the evolution of form design by showing techniques and real-world examples that improve user interaction with Web forms. Emphasis will be placed on best practices to consider based on past research and case studies. Learn how to leverage HTML/CSS markup to create forms that are accessible, semantic, and flexible for various styling options. Finally, we’ll look to the future by discussing what mobile devices and HTML5 have in store for Web forms.


Alex Kingman
Lead Web Designer/Developer, Purdue University

Alex Kingman is Lead Web designer/developer for the Informatics group at Purdue University, where he is responsible for enhancing user experience in Web applications. His experience includes application development, Web standards, accessibility, and driving new and creative Web strategies. Alex has also served as technical director for several books in the areas of general computing and Web development.