HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

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A Bargain-Bin MoMA: Content Curation for the Rest of Us

TNT1 Content Track

Caprice, 4th Floor


The fire hose is spouting content nonstop. Somewhere in that stream, serendipitously, content is being created that organically aligns with your school's brand. On top of all the other hats we wear, "volunteer fireman" is now added to the list. Panicked? Don't call 911 just yet. Tthere are several ways that, using a variety of free tools and tricks, we can draw on content from the community to create a dynamic, real-time representation of our brand, powered by authentic, organic content. Web thinkers like Robert Scoble and Steve Rubel have called content curation the "next evolution of digital storytelling" and "the next big thing to shake the Web." It's no longer enough to simply aggregate. We must take the process of how we already read and filter the Web and turn it outward, taming the herd of content and hitching it to our brand. I will demonstrate the success I've had turning content found via social media monitoring into "found art," curated into a blog on the Tufts experience called Jumble (http://blogs.uit.tufts.edu/jumble). I will also offer a variety of take-home ideas that are easy to execute and affordable. And I will hopefully not mix as many metaphors in my presentation as I have in this abstract.


Georgiana Cohen
Manager, Web Content and Strategy, Tufts University

Georgiana has spent more than eight years working in online communications, with a background in writing and journalism. She pioneered Tufts' social media and multimedia content, and currently oversee Web content at university-wide level for Tufts, where she worked for five and a half years. More information at http://georgycohen.com