HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

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What's in It for Me? Progressive Personalization for Alumni-oriented Sites

TNT7 Content Track

Caprice, 4th Floor


Presenting information for alumni poses a significant challenge: alumni are widely diverse in geography, age, and interests, and the information and services we provide for them are similarly diverse. How can we direct each alumni visitor to the appropriate content without forcing them to choose among a huge bucket of options? As part of a recent redesign of the alumni-oriented parts of our site, Carleton College's Web team developed a strategy of progressive personalization, which addresses this problem by providing a customized experience across the full spectrum from anonymous visitor to logged-in, fully known individual. Come see how it works and learn how we pulled it off.


Mark Heiman
Senior Web Application Developer, Carleton College

In eighteen years supporting higher education technology, Mark Heiman has done a little of everything, from technical writing to system administration, help desk to programming. He is currently senior Web application developer for Carleton College's Web team, specializing in data integration and social tools.