HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

Session Details


Behind the Green Door: Life on the Other Side of a Homepage Redesign

MMP11 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Pavillion Ballroom, 4th Floor


Last March, after two years of research and development that involved people from all over campus, we finally launched our new homepage… and stepped behind the ‘green door’ into a new world of managing our university’s Web presence. Because we radically refocused the purpose and message of our homepage, instituted a new Web governance structure, adopted a new HTML framework, and implemented a new Web content management system, we find ourselves in a radically different Web world. A world where departments that never really communicated before have to work together on a daily basis to keep the homepage up to date and working. A world where we have no choice but to share technical resources across units, not only to implement our new Web presence, but to manage and expand it. Some of us saw this coming, when we assembled a design team from disparate parts of the university to build the new homepage. Some thought things would go back the way they were before, once the homepage went live. But the reality is that we have no choice now but to work in different ways and work together in new ways. This presentation will examine how our redesign has affected our approach to Web management, changed our organizational structures, and forced new ways of thinking, learning and cooperating across departmental lines (not only our ‘Web team’, but also on our public relations and IT management). In addition, this presentation will outline both pitfalls and best practices for planning for, managing, and dealing with these fundamental changes in how your campus may have do business after the launch of a redesign. There may be lolcats.


Anthony Dunn
Trouble Maker, CSU Chico

Author of Tales from Redesignland.