HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

Session Details


Google Apps in the Higher Ed Cloud

WRK4 Workshops Track

Pavillion Ballroom, 4th Floor


How do you promote engagement in higher ed and encourage student collaboration in a teaching and learning environment? Penn State has begun incorporating the use of Google Apps, a collection of Web-based programs and file storage to offer students familiar tools for productivity, communication, and collaboration in the classroom. See how Penn State is using cloud computing to get students to focus on course content and collaboration by sharing browser-based documents, calendars, and groups using tools in the Google arsenal. During this workshop, attendees will: learn how to integrate Google Apps and understand the appropriate use of the tools for communication (Google Talk, Gmail and Calendar), productivity (the Google Doc suite), and collaboration (Google Sites and Groups); analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using Google Apps for student-to-student and instructor-to-class interaction and collaboration; discuss the use of cloud computing, and the implications of putting course content in the hands of Google assess the effectiveness of Google Apps in higher ed and leveraging student familiarity in these tools and peer review of work; explore what opportunities are on the horizon in terms of mobile capabilities and new Google rollouts such as Google Buzz and offline functionality.


Robin Smail
Disruptive Technologist, Penn State University

A disruptive technologist at Penn State, Robin has a background in design and marketing, a degree in information sciences & technology, and a passion for social media and community engagement. She likes to see how emerging technologies can be used in teaching and learning, both in the classroom and, perhaps more importantly, in the online learning environment.