HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

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CMSDK: Understanding the Building Blocks of the CMS

APS4 Applications and Standards Track

Rookwood, 4th Floor

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How do you compare one vendor's content management system against another? They all say they do RSS, blogs, and Web standards, right? What sets them apart from one another? In this session I present a framework and vocabulary for describing CMS features, architectures, design goals, and tradeoffs. The goal is to teach you how to break through the marketing hype to be able to compare products between each other and against your set of needs.


Jason Woodward
Director of Administrative Computing, Cornell University

Jason has been a software engineer since 1996 and has been building Web applications since 1998. He built the software running the world's first downloadable music subscription service, EMusic.com, in the first dotcom boom. After returning to school he's been writing Web content management and administrative Web applications for Cornell University. His interests lie in the areas of human cooperation, information interoperability, and where those topics meet: communication of information and knowledge. He holds a BS and M.Eng in computer science from Cornell University.