HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

Session Details


Who Is Siteimprove?

COR9 Corporate Track

Salon E, 4th Floor


In our second year sponsoring the HighEdWeb Conference it is time we answered the question; who is Siteimprove?  The session will go a long way towards answering that question by discussing how Siteimprove was started, what does Siteimprove do, who does Siteimprove work with, and what the future will hold including the launch of our groundbreaking iTen service. 


Brian Stewart
Account Manager, Siteimprove

Brian has worked for Siteimprove Inc. for almost 3 years since Siteimprove began in the Minneapolis location and works with one third of the customers in the US and Canada ranging from local government, businesses as well as colleges and universities.Brian enjoys a number of activities in his free time including golfing, fishing, playing hockey, and getting frustrated watching the Vikings. 

Steve Hennings
Account Manager, Siteimprove

Steve has worked with Siteimprove for nearly 3 years and works closely with one third of all of Siteimprove’s clients in North America.  Other speaking engagements include the National Association of Government Webmasters National Conference in 2009 and the City-County Communications & Marketing Association National Conference in 2008.Steve enjoys spending his free time reading, relaxing with his wife and dog, and keeping up with the Minnesota Twins.