HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

Session Details


"Hella Drop Shadow": Presenting and Teaching in the Era of the Backchannel

SOC2 Social Media Track

Continental Ballroom, Mezzanine Level


As Twitter's growth and hype continue, it seems like everyone is getting in on the act -- athletes, actors, politicians, and even educators are joining the virtual conversation. But what happens when that virtual conversation becomes the main event? How should presenters and educators prepare themselves for this reality? And what responsibilities do audience members have when thoughts shared amongst friends can suddenly become "trending topics?' Join us for a conversation focused on the need to understand how the crowd in the cloud and the sage on the stage can coexist to create an environment of engagement, respect, and conversation, including first-hand observations of some recent "tweckling" incidents (some closer to home than others).


Robin Smail
Disruptive Technologist, Penn State University

A disruptive technologist at Penn State, Robin has a background in design and marketing, a degree in information sciences & technology, and a passion for social media and community engagement. She likes to see how emerging technologies can be used in teaching and learning, both in the classroom and, perhaps more importantly, in the online learning environment.

Patti Fantaske
IT Specialist, Information Technology Services, Penn State University

Patti joined Penn State in 1997 as the coordinator of a marketing program to correspond with a national PSA advertising campaign. In 2003, she joined Information Technology Services where she maintains websites, plans events for Web developers, and chairs the annual Penn State Web Conference. Prior to her time at Penn State, she worked in the fields of volunteer management, elementary education, accounting, and personnel management.

Lori Packer
Web Editor, University of Rochester

Lori Packer (@LoriPA) is the Web Editor in the University Communications office at the University of Rochester. Before moving over to academia, she was the lead U.S. editor for MSN Search, Microsoft’s pre-Bing search engine, and holds a master's degree in communications from the University of Washington. At Rochester, she is responsible for managing the design, development, and content of the university's homepage, news site, many administration sites, and various social media profiles. She has often presented to campus groups - including the president's cabinet and board of trustees - about social media, and no one has asked her to stop yet. She has served on the HighEdWeb organizing committees since 2004, and blogs sporadically at goddessofclarity.com.