HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

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SMO & SEO: Promoting Your Website

RED4 Red Stapler Track

Rookwood, 4th Floor


The growth in Web content and complexity added to the explosive popularity of social networks are the ingredients that are leading us to a social search era. In this context, refining your website to be positioned among the top10 results in search engines user queries is one of the best and cheapest ways of getting the right people visiting it. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimizing a website in order to get a privileged position in searches. On the other hand, the spread of social networks platforms has become a very influential factor to SEO in two different aspects: 1) the links and content that come from social networks affects search engine results ; 2) the user-generated content created in \social networks (videos, pictures, texts, etc.) are important digital assets outside of the websites that need search optimization as well. Social media optimization (SMO) refers to the process of optimizing a website in order to make it attractive and easily spreadable through social media channels. Besides being able to drive huge amounts of traffic to a website, SMO can raise positive dialog about the website brand. In this sense, search and social media are more dependent on each other in producing good promotion results. The presentation will address the main aspects of SEO and SMO for brands considering there Web presence, including universal search, social search, and mobile search.


Martha Gabriel
Professor, BSP Business School São Paulo

Martha is professor of MBA courses at BSP Business School São Paulo and the Unicentro Belas Artes de São Paulo. She is the CIO at NMD New Media Developers, and winner of 11 Internet Best Awards from 1998 to 2005. Martha is a frequent speaker at Internet and marketing conferences in Brazil, the U.S., England, Austria, Macedonia, China, Japan, and Singapore. She's won HighEdWeb's "Best of Track" red stapler award three times (2003, 2004, and 2008) and "Best of Conference" once (2004). She is an engineer, postgraduate in marketing and graphics design, has a master's degree in art and technology, and is pursuing her PhD at the University of Sao Paulo focusing on mobile technologies and social media. She is the author of the books Search Engine Optimization on the Web (2008) and SEM & SEO: Mastering the Search Engine Marketing (2009). Find her online at www.martha.com.br and on Twitter at @marthagabriel.