HighEdWeb Assocation October 10-13, 2010

Session Details


Confessions From a Wicked Vendor (or What I Learned in My First Year on the Other Side of Higher Ed)

MMP9 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Pavillion Ballroom, 4th Floor


After several years working for colleges in one capacity or another, one year ago I defected and joined the ranks of higher ed vendors. It's the same industry, but a whole new world...and it's been a wild ride. This presentation will be a brutally honest recap about what I’ve learned along the way about managing people, projects, and expectations. It will discuss new ways of thinking about working with those around you (building trust, active listening, and utilizing negotiating tactics) and managing all of the projects on your plate at any given moment, from defining scope and requirements to predicting (and handling) roadblocks. Finally, if you're thinking about making the jump to the other side of the fence, this presentation will show you how to get noticed, what to think about before accepting that job offer, and advice about how to acclimate after you do.


Karlyn Morissette
Director of Marketing Communications, Fire Engine RED

Karlyn Morissette has worked on the Web in higher education in one capacity or another for seven years. Currently, she works with colleges around the country as the Director of Marketing Communications at Fire Engine RED, where she helps admissions offices create and execute integrated marketing campaigns as a part of student search. She also teaches courses on Internet marketing and strategy through Champlain College and is a staff writer on .eduGuru. To quote a friend of hers: "Karlyn is a super rad ninja marketing genius who will make your target demographic submit to your every whim through sheer willpower. Oh, and she's smarter than you." We're not sure about the smarter part, but "super rad ninja" is true enough.